Welcome to the Re-humanising Revolution

“Only connect” urged E.M.Forster, within ourselves, with others, with different perspectives. This blog is about connection, and is intended for everyone; story tellers and story readers, practitioners and patients, teachers and learners. Through the sharing of our human experiences, we hope that both writers and readers will feel a sense of connection with one another and with their varied practices.

Tree knot

In large, state funded organisations, there are often calls for something to be done about whatever is challenging us at the time. While we wait for a magic cure, we risk ignoring the resources we have within. By sharing our stories, we can create change, bring about the revolutions we crave.  Just as narrative based medicine  can radically change patients’ experiences of healthcare in the same way we aim to promote narrative practices in this space to enable us to share our thoughts and feelings, to learn from others and to feel a greater sense of connection to the wider communities in which we work.

This blog hosts stories from a range of authors, and provides links to additional resources of interest in the further reading section. 


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