You are the best kind of leader there is.

You work harder than any of us and inspire us to try to match that effort.
You trust us to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way, and when we do you say thank you. If we don’t, you ask if there is a reason.
You assume the best of us and we want to prove you right.
You are humble, respectful and kind.

You are honest, give good notice of what is happening and check that we are on board.
Your communication is clear, straightforward and without hidden agenda.
We think you are amazing but you think we are; we are equals in all things.
You are generous and share credit where it is due.

You are passionate about your job but it isn’t the only way of defining who you are.
You would rather be one of the crowd than the boss, but you step up to the role of lead with responsibility and servitude.
You are the first in and last out, and are not above emptying the rubbish.

You appreciate the role of everyone involved no matter how badly paid, or new to the role.
You are as comfortable at the pub, around a board table or on the shop floor.
A chameleon, you can adapt to what’s needed from you in the moment.
You think you’re just a regular person, nothing special, who has fallen on their feet to work in such a great team, but that team functions because of you.

There are no born leaders. But plenty are self made, by working with others, finding out about them, getting to know and understand them, and then doing your best to help them achieve their best. Forget the Superman costume and leading from the front, fancy spreadsheets and expensive suits. None of that matters.

Selflessness, interest in others, dedication to the job, and a sense of perspective. I have met maybe ten in fifteen thousand. My life is all the better for having had you in it. Thank you to all the genuine leaders out there. You probably don’t know who you are, but we do. And we need to tell you more often.