Further Reading 








Lifeined.com – blog written by an Emergency Medicine Consultant which offers a collection of experiences and thoughts on the highs and lows of daily life in the Emergency Department.















http://educatingtrainers.blogspot.com/ – articles and resources from a medical educator. Big on reflection but often challenges the status quo.






















Brokentoydotblog.wordpress.com ED consultant and medical educator who shares his deepest thoughts and feelings about life in the fast lane. A heart searching and searingly honest read.






















Heartofnursing.blog a moving blog from a PICU nurse






















Thosewecarry.com moving stories from clinicians about the cases that never leave us.






















https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/XFGEzxUAAPgQoygk snapshots of NHS employees.






















https://www.lrb.co.uk/v32/n21/hilary-mantel/diary A wonderfully rich depiction of life as an inpatient post surgery by one of the best loved writers of our time.






















Hearts inhealthcare.com an interesting blog with a similar re-humanising ethos as ours






















rethinkingmedicine.co.uk fascinating movement challenging the traditional pathological model of medicine






















http://www.johnlauner.com/72.html  Arguably the father of narrative medicine in the UK. A plethora of fascinating reads here, or buy his book, How Not to be a Doctor, a revolutionary look at what it means to be a doctor.






















www.narrativemedicine.org/about-narrative-medicine/ useful website with further links about narrative medicine, stories about healthcare. A great TED talk by Rita Charon, one of the early creators of narrative medicine.






















https://news.aamc.org/medical-education/article/narrative-medicine-every-patient-has-story/  another useful link to patient stories and narrative medicine






















PaediAcademiatrician. www.academiatrician.wordpress.com. A moving and honest account of academic medical training.






















https://upliftconnect.com/hold-space/ a wonderful piece on how we can provide support for each other.






















http://www.ed4medprac.co.uk. Really useful resources for medical education.






















https://www.clinicalsafety.org/downloads. Human factors and patient safety site.












































We’re doctors but we are humans too






















https://allywritesblog.wordpress.com/ fascinating insight into mental health from someone close to the NHS






















7https://www.bmj.com/content/355/bmj.i5420 a support group for junior doctors. Based in one hospital but available Facebook group for all






















https://setting-sights.blog/ beautifully written blog by a medical student with plenty of patient experiences






















http://thenocturnists.com/podcast/2019/4/15/s2-e4-enjoy-your-life a podcast where a clinician reflects on their mortality






















https://bmjleader.bmj.com/content/2/4/128 – what is the relationship between doctors, leaders and the culture of medical education?






















https://www.statnews.com/2019/04/18/icu-doctor-poetry-solace/ Article about a doctor who finds poetry helpful






















https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=elW69hyPUuI TED talk about compassion






















https://www.stemlynsblog.org/wellbeing-for-the-broken-part-1-liz-crowe-for-st-emlyns/ a powerful two part blog about an emotional crisis and how one person coped.






















https://acem.org.au/News/May-2019/ED-Entomology-A-tale-from-the-Resus-Room. Story highlighting issues between teams






















https://www.sovereignmagazine.co.uk/2019/05/08/empathy-in-healthcare-is-finally-making-a-comeback/ fantastic piece making a convincing case for empathy and its place in health care.












































The bipolardoc.wordpress.com a firsthand account of life in the NHS






















https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-puri-cancer-fighting-language-20190519-story.html. a beautiful story about the language of cancer.






















https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2733976 a wonderful metaphor for depression and wellbeing






















https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/why-mindset-matters-for-junior-doctors.amp useful article on growth mindsets and how we can cope with challenging workplaces






















Physicians aren’t ‘burning out.’ They’re suffering from moral injury






















https://medium.com/@eliotnorth/the-white-rabbit-3bdd351201b8 a moving post about one GP’s life post NHS burnout.






















Civilitysaveslives.com wonderful website helping us to focus on treating each other positively.






















https://doctor-and-patient.com/ personal blog about Mental health and the challenge of being both patient and doctor.






















https://www.suerobins.com/post/humans-not-heroes. A lovely read reminding us of the humanity in medicine and how far it can go.
















https://mcgoestosweden.wordpress.com/ a personal blog about life, education and mental health.