It is 11 months since we began the re-humanising revolution and we have been overwhelmed by your support and generosity in sharing your stories and spreading the word. Thank you so much for coming into our community. 

Now, more than ever, as the well-being of those who work in the public sector, and especially in medicine, is at an all time low, we need to support one another, to share the difficult events we face and to celebrate the achievements. This is your place to do that. 

You are part of a network of extraordinary people who work tirelessly for and with others. People who find meaning and connection in their roles. People who love their jobs and hate what is happening to the most needy in our society and those who work to help them.

The original aim of  Re-humanising remains. This is a place to anonymously share stories of the good, the bad and the ugly, in order that others who read what we share can feel less alone in the jobs they do, the sadness they witness and the difficulties they encounter. 

If you have read a story here that you identified with, that gave you a moment of recognition and connection please return the favour by submitting one of your own. You do not have to be a writer par excellence, we can help you develop your story. What you have that we do not have, is a store of unique experiences, tales from the front line, emotional reflections that can help others feel connected, supported and part of a bigger reality. 

We publish two kinds of stories – the full length stories  and the  shortened ones on the  Re-Sounding Off page. This is where we can have our say, in around 300 words on an issue of the day. 

Our wonderful community can only be sustained with your input. So please get in touch, and follow like minded people on twitter at @rehumanising or email us at:

All the very best to you all for 2020.

Hayley & Sarah.