Saturday April 25th 2020

I once heard my Mum say, “we will get through this.”  In the current situation of the Coronavirus, I think this saying matters very much. This story is written by me, a 10 year old child, living through this virus in the UK. My Mum works for the NHS, which is key at this unprecedented time. As my Mum said, we will get through this, and I believe in every person reading this. We will get through this, we will succeed.

In the news, I must say it hasn’t been the most pleasant. From the U.K closing schools to hitting 10,000 deaths. But with my parents and teacher being so encouraging I have felt a lot less worried. When I found out that I wouldn’t be going to school after the Easter Holidays I tried to keep my sadness in but I failed. On the Friday of the last week I cried badly. I know that crying is ok but my school is very friendly so my life wouldn’t be the same after leaving that afternoon.

What I think will happen next is quite hard to explain. I think what will happen next is the UK will surpass Italy and Spain in deaths. I think this will happen because the UK death toll is rising, and I don’t think this will fall in the next couple of months. I also think that if the world doesn’t act massively now, there is a chance of this virus going out of control.

What I hope will happen next is this. I hope that scientists will find the vaccine to this virus and deploy it worldwide to protect the world population, to benefit everyone but also to some extent so the world’s key workers can drop some stress off their shoulders. I hope this will happen because I want people to be  safe and to relieve the stress of those with underlying health conditions and those trying to care for them. 

There are things  I am enjoying about this pandemic, but this is obviously from a child’s position.  As my Mum is a key worker my brother and I are now getting to go into school and it is very quiet in school. That enables us to see our friends, to see our teachers and to do some fun things, like cooking and making games. As I am in KS2 my brother and I are very independent so we also loved homeschooling (at least I did). There are a lot of things we can do that we wouldn’t be doing usually, like playing outside with fun equipment and playing on laptops. 

I have recently been doing some Teespring designing. After discovering this website I have felt a lot busier!  It is a designing website where you can design products like T-shirts, bags, mugs and other merchandise. My brother and I have been designing products like these and posting them at this link,  There are even some Re-humanising products so make sure to have a look!

Overall, we are coping with lockdown, enjoying the extra time to do new things and to spend more time on our hobbies. But we do still worry about people and about our Mum and her friends in the NHS.